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Webinar 2 November 2021 14:00-17:00 CET


                                     A new look at the living environment of people with a care demand


Curious about the developments in the field of housing for people with intellectual disabilities and elderly people in need of care? And in particular what is the influence of the physical living environment on these people? 

Then follow the free webinar on Tuesday 2 November 2021 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The ARCH 22 committee is organizing this webinar together with care organizations Ipse de Bruggen and Habion. In this online session we share knowledge and experiences from practice with two workshops and a lecture.


What does this webinar include? 

What makes a house a home? Can the built environment in this chapter of their lives meet the residents’ need for a suitable living environment? Give them a sense of ownership and control? In the workshops we involve you in the process of transforming the living environment of vulnerable people and how this has been successfully put into practice in a new innovative way by Ipse de Bruggen together with Andrea Möhn Architects and at Habion together with their transformation team on several projects.

In addition to social developments, changes in the health care system and the financing system for health care have a major impact on the lives and well-being of vulnerable people in our society. Care institutions and housing associations translate these developments into their mission and vision on the provision of care and the values that lie behind it: offering a meaningful environment for clients. These circumstances will increasingly affect the built environment, the living environment, the way of providing care, etc. On the basis of recent projects and designs, we explore the current solutions and new concepts that we are currently seeing in the Netherlands.


Workshop 1 Ipse de Bruggen and Andrea Möhn Architects

In 2020, Ipse de Bruggen launched the initiative “Physical environment, a fixed value in our care”. The positive effect on the behavior of a client with an intellectual disability and behavioural problems after the transformation of his room provided the impetus for this. Andrea Möhn Architects, in close collaboration with the care team of Ipse de Bruggen and the client’s family, created a tailor-made environment that had a very positive effect on the client’s behavior, his immediate environment, the care staff and the organization. Twelve rooms will be transformed within four years and the effects on the clients will be scientifically investigated.

During this workshop we will actively involve you in the steps of such a transformation process based on a study case.


Workshop 2 Habion

In recent years Habion has partly transformed its traditional care homes and realized new construction. This is always an opportunity to reinvent housing for the elderly: a new form of living that has value for the resident and the neighborhood and that is ready for the future. The transformation process begins with resident meetings organized by Habion’s transformation team. Everyone is heard. How do you want to grow old? What do you need for this and what do you bring in? With these questions, the new program for the location in question is examined and elaborated.

During the workshop we will introduce you to this transformation accompanying process. Habion’s transformation team is present. The workshop participants have their say and thus become the seniors of the future.


Lecture Best Practice

Gortemaker Algra Feenstra Architects and Wiegerinck will inspire you with their best practice examples during a closing lecture.


Register here for the webinar. After registration you will receive the link to participate in your mailbox.

In addition to the chairman of the day and the moderators, there is also a contact person available in the background for technical questions during the online event. By registering, all participants agree that personal information (such as their chat contributions) may be made public. Photo, film and sound recordings of the webinar and their reproduction are only allowed to the organizers.

Organization and presenters

On behalf of ARCH22:

Dr.-Ing. Birgit Jürgenhake assistant professor Architecture & Dwelling, Faculty of Architecture TU Delft

Andrea Möhn, architect, owner Andrea Möhn Architects, Rotterdam

Femke Feenstra and Roelof Gortemaker, partner architects at Gortemaker Algra Feenstra, Rotterdam

Milee Herweijer, Dr. Ir., architect & interior designer at Wiegerinck, Arnhem


On behalf of the healthcare providers:

Ipse de Bruggen, Annelies Mulder innovation program manager

Habion, mr. Peter Boerenfijn MRE director, Els van Betten and Ank Sneekes transformation manager