Call for papers

Enabling health, care and well-being through design research’ is the title of ARCH22 – the 5th Architecture Research Care and Health conference

Organized at the department of Architecture and the Built Environment in Delft as the main venue and Erasmus MC in Rotterdam as co-location

The Netherlands – 22nd until 24th of August 2022.

ARCH22 connects researchers and practitioners around the conference theme, and also wants to attract those interested in the new Erasmus MC hospital environment and evaluation studies carried out regarding this project.

ARCH22 connects researchers and practitioners around the conference theme and will be based at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology. ARCH22 also wants to attract those interested in the new Erasmus University Medical Center’s hospital environment, and the evaluation studies carried out regarding this project. All delegates will have the opportunity to experience this new, award-winning hospital environment in Rotterdam.

The theme ‘Enabling health, care and well-being through design research’ will bring together research, real estate and design professionals across disciplines and countries, to present findings and exchange gained knowledge and experiences.  Our guiding topics for the request for papers were:

Topic 1: integration of needs – inclusive, integrated design enabling health, care and well-being.

Topic 2: healthcare design and change – future proofed, resilient and crisis-adapted (pre-, post and now) design.

Topic 3: engagement – co-creation, co-design, design and stakeholder management processes.

Late 2021 we received over 100 abstracts from authors seeking to present their findings in conference papers and posters. Authors originate from 17 countries and in the co-authorships of many abstracts we see the emerging international collaboration that we would like to see more formally established in an ARCH-network.

Building on the guiding topics, the conference papers will be presented in four tracks:

(1) inclusive design/health promotion,

(2) user-needs,

(3) future-proofing and

(4) engagement

Additionally, there will be a research workshop, as well as plenty of social networking opportunities, including a conference dinner. These valued opportunities for social interaction were the main reason to postponing the ARCH21 conference towards August 2022. After the 2-day research conference, delegates can participate in study tours to some highly innovative examples of health and care environments in the Netherlands.

Take a glance at the program and find all the instructions for paper (or poster) submissions on this site. Follow our LinkedIn-group ARCH22 to receive updates on program, venues etctera. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor our event or if you have any questions.

Important Dates (Updated!)

Deadlines ARCH22 Conference

July 2021                                                Announcement call for papers

October 15th 2021                                 Submission abstracts (extended)

November 26nd 2021                            Feedback review abstracts (was 15 November). We received over 100 abstracts and need more time

March 15st 2022                                   Submission short and full conference paper (own choice)


Registration is now open, click HERE


April 1st – May 8th, 2022                     Assistance in peer reviewing (full/short) paper

May 8 – 15st 2022                                 Feedback on review (will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee member and at least one presenter from the same session)

June 15st 2022                                      Submission final abstract for ‘book of abstracts’ (for authors of papers and posters)

July 1th 2022                                         Submission final full and short paper, and poster for publication on website and for conference proceedings

August 22-24th 2022                            ARCH22 Conference Building for better health


As the organizing Committee of ARCH22 we look forward to welcome you to Delft and Rotterdam in August 2022!

TU Delft Department of Architecture and the Built Environment – Clarine van Oel, Birgit Jürgenhake

Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam (Erasmus MC) – Liesbeth van Heel

AM_A Andrea Möhn architects – Andrea Möhn

Gortemaker Algra Feenstra architects – Roelof Gortemaker

Wiegerinck – Milee Herweijer


In collaboration with

EGM architects – Willemineke Hammer

NTNU Department for Architecture and Planning – Johan van der Zwart

Chalmers Department for Architecture and Civil Engineering – Göran Lindahl


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