Enabling health, care and well-being through design research

The ARCH22 conference ‘Enabling health, care and well-being through design research’ will bring together researchers and practitioners from across disciplines and countries, to present findings and exchange gained knowledge and experiences according to the following guiding topics:

  1. Integration of needs – inclusive, integrated design enabling health, care and well-being.
  2. Healthcare design and change – future-proofed, resilient and crisis-adapted (pre-, post- and now) design.
  3. Engagement – co-creation, co-design, design and stakeholder management processes.

Each of the topics above can be studied from different perspectives, such as:

  1. People – looking at the effect on users, but also in a sense of work process innovation;
  2. Place – the physical infrastructure, focus on first and/or next use, flexibility and adaptability (for instance as part of a pandemic response), etcetera; and
  3. Process – where the design process with users comes into play, but also the use of supportive tools such as VR and BIM, the impact of IT and other technologies and implementation stages.

Sustainable infrastructures in this sense include ‘planet’ and other quality performance indicators, as well as affordability. Also resilience, given the challenges to society in the COVID-19 crisis, is included here.

Paper and Abstract format

The title of the Paper and Abstract has max 12 words.

The size of the full papers is between 2500 and 4000 words, excluding the abstract, figures and references. The format for the full papers will be send together with the letter of acceptation after the review of the abstracts.

The abstract of max 250 words (excluding references) summarizing the article with headings including: (1) objectives, purpose or aim, (2) background, (3) methods, (4) results, and (5) conclusions. Add also 3-5 keywords to the abstract and select one of the three guiding topics (1,2,3) and the perspectives in which the Abstract and Paper have to be considered for the conference.

Please fill out the format and submit your abstract here.


ARCH22 connects researchers and practitioners around the conference theme, and also wants to attract those interested in the new Erasmus MC hospital environment and evaluation studies carried out regarding this project. Based on the conference theme we identified 4 tracks:

(1) inclusive design/health promotion,

(2) user-needs,

(3) future-proofing and

(4) engagement