Poster outline

There is no formal template but you can use on of the following templates. Although posters are free format, we recommend  A0 or A1. We will make an entry for submission of the poster available in early May 2022 from the ARCH22 website.

The following headings are recommended:

  1. Introduction explaining the problem and/or the relevance and have  some background mentioning at least the main concepts that are central to your research. Mention the aim of the study at the end of the introduction.
  2. Methods (philosophical underpinning, case selection, data collection methods, data analysis methods
  3. Findings 
  4. Conclusion (Give a comprehensive answer to the research question)
  5. Practical implications (what do you advice practitioners based on your findings)

If you are using published images, text or other materials, please be aware of copyright regulations. The TU Delft Copyright helpdesk can provide further information and answer your copyright questions.